Friday, March 31, 2017

J Clair

J Clair

I think the average person would love to reinvent themselves occasionally, whether to mark a major event, or to show how much someone has changed. Our with the old and in with the new, so to speak. 

I feel like...this is one of those times for me. 2016 was a terrible year in many ways. I had to move from a place I loved. I lost family members and friends. I lost my income. There was a whole lot of loss. Meanwhile, I was an emotional wreck, because I was unsure where life was headed. I remember talking to my wife and saying that I wasn't happy. 

Of course I was still happy with her and my children, but there was something within me that I couldn't explain. There was a yearning for more. 

And things changed drastically with the birth of my son, Max. On the very day he was born, while my wife was in labor, I received an email from Amazon saying that I had been reinstated. I was back, and yet, so much had changed. I had already uprooted my life, gotten a job, and changed my whole outlook on life, I didn't know when was the last time I would be able to full time write again. 

But then...everything started changing. Things that made my heart ache were resolved. I was happier even though I was broke. I had more time for family. And though I wasn't yet writing, I was able to plan ahead for when I would, knowing that at some point, I would return back to that world.

And so now I've returned, but I've changed. And not just my personality, but my writing as well. I feel like it's cleaner, and more precise. I've grown, and suddenly, Julius St. Clair is not who I am anymore. Not exactly. Those four years of a full time author will always be a part of me and my history, but I want to evolve, and become the phoenix that rose from the ashes months ago. 

And so, I'm trying something.

I'm changing my name to J Clair, and seeing what happens. It might go horribly, and I can go right back to Julius St. Clair. No biggie. Just some lost time. But it's either now or never, when I've already been away from writing for months and lost readers. It's a fresh start, and I might as well see if it all heads in the right direction. I just figured i might as well give you all a heads up. 


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