Thursday, March 27, 2014

I took my blog behind the shed, and put it down...

Once upon a time,

I had a blog.

It was a drab, plain, unexciting chore that I forced myself to meet up with every month or so. It was the equivalent of an annoying stalker or that relentless stain on your favorite shirt. No matter how epic your attempts to thwart its efforts to ruin your remains. 

I hated writing in my blog, but I did it because that is what people who write about stuff do. It's a necessity. Or so they say. But for me it was like your best friend setting up up with a blind date. A blind date that is actually not so blind because he's been trying to persuade you to give the lochness monster a chance. I mean, you're both single, right? You both need someone to talk to to, right? Well I didn't want a blog. But I got one anyway. And it sucked. It ended up being shameful promotions and agonizing groans that ended up just being a waste of time.

But you know what? I remembered something today. A lesson from high school. See, I love writing and history, but I hate chemistry and math. Even in college I took the absolute lowest math class possible to fulfill the general requirements. Anything higher and I knew I was just playing Icarus. 

Anyways, back in high school, I had this chemistry teacher named Mr. Cherry. He was a thin, elderly man that absolutely loved his job, and his passion was so great that it spilled out onto his students, including myself. 

I don't know what spells he was casting every morning, but we were falling for them all. I loved that class, and I was...learning! I was actually having such a great time that I even considered taking the AP Chemistry class next semester but once I learned my beloved teacher wouldn't be the professor, I threw away those dreams like a used handkerchief. 

The point is: anything can be fun and interesting. Even the cliches. Drying paint. Watching grass grow. Potatoes. All of it can be amazing if described and approached properly. There's something interesting for everyone in this world. 

So once I found this site, and I started having a good time customizing pages and adding content, I realized...that I could blog...and I could have fun doing it. All I needed was the right avenue to go about it. I won't slander the site I was using for my blog previously because it's not nice and let's face it, people sue, so I won't go there. 

Lesson of the day: Suing isn't cool!

But I will say that I'll be blogging regularly now and having a good old time doing what I'm told I'm supposed to do. Isn't that nice?

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