Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A tribute to her

There's this saying that people can't change the world, and yet, that can't be true, because I know someone that changes my world everyday. It's so strange. I'm just walking around aimlessly about my day, thinking about what task I have to complete next or where I'm headed tomorrow, when I see her. 
You see, my wife casts spells on me like a master sorcereress. She enhances my visions and floods my senses with her presence. The world is brighter. The colors are more vivid. Her laugh forces me to smile and her words hypnotizes me. I am enraptured. I am gone. I am happy. 
A peace descends like a blanket falling over my body as my head hits the pillow. Reality is cast aside like a plate of leftovers that stayed out on the counter for too long, and I embrace my dream girl. We have been together for over a decade but it feels like we just met. I listen to her thoughts on different topics with an insatiable hunger. I take a dip in the pools of her blue eyes, an oasis that I get lost in habitually and happily. I say little, but my heart is on the verge of collapse. I tell her I love her, and I cringe because the words have been used by so many others before. Others that have cast the words out into the world like a fishing line with no bait, hoping for a bite.
I research different languages. I look up other ways that I can say, "I love you," so that I can portray how I adequately feel. I fail. The closest I can get to is, "Te Amo," meaning "I want you." But saying it aloud makes me look silly, as I don't know Spanish, and I'm probably saying it wrong. But I still remember the words, because it says more than "I love you." It says that I don't just need her in my life. It says that I still find her unbelievably sexy. It says that I have found my soulmate. 
It also says more than how I think of her. She is a fantastic mother, but motherhood does not define her. Her gender does not define her, nor does her race or her any of the superficial traps that people fall into. She just is. She instills in my son strength and independence while showing him that there are women in the world that can be treated with the utmost respect. He shows her that there are women worthy of his brilliance. He shows her that when he finds someone to love someday, he will have to rise to her level, and not the other way around. 
He sees that marrying your best friend is possible because his Papa has already done it. Like saying "I love you," this is more than words. He sees how the first person his Papa wants to spend time with when he's free of his work is his Mama. He sees them hitting each other playfully as they joke and play, holding each other like an elderly couple on a front porch swing and glancing at each other longingly when the other isn't looking. I pray that he will be as happy as I am one day. 
Every day my world is changed by her, and soon, reality becomes the strange existence. Drama is weird and conflict is foreign. Peace, happiness and fulfillment of the heart becomes normal. People tell us what our relationship is. They talk in the shadows about our love. They wonder if such a thing could exist. 
They only confuse me.
Because I myself think about them too. I wonder why they settle in life. I wonder why it isn't finding your soulmate or nothing at all. I wonder...and then I stop wondering, because my love has just walked into the room, and her smile reminds me that I am not part of their world. 
Life comes to tear us apart, trying to label us as doomed star-crossed lovers. But we never lose. We have harnessed our powers. I am wind and she is fire. Whatever comes our way, she ignites the flames and I blow it in the face of our enemies. We are a tornado on fire. She is my warrior Princess, and I am her powerful, noble Knight. We slay our dragons between kisses.
I understand now why there are old couples that die minutes apart from each other. I now know it means to exchange hearts and souls and give it to another with no stipulations or expectations, and I am blessed with his elusive knowledge. 
Te Amo, mi esposa. 
You make me so happy. 

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