Friday, October 7, 2016

Keep Calm and Chill

One of the reasons I love where I'm living currently is that the people in general don't seem to waste a ton of energy worrying about things that aren't under their control. There's not a whole lot of "Mind your own business" phrases being thrown around because people are naturally doing it. They are calm, slow to conflict and drama, and overall moral. They don't worry about a whole lot because there's no point in doing so. They live their lives simply and as a result, there's not a whole of negative.
This doesn't mean negative things don't occur. The occasional accident. Death in the family. Sickness. But it doesn't last long because their lives are essentially complete. Sure, it would be nice to have more money or go on more vacations. But that's how everyone feels. As far as everyday living goes, there's peace and comfort, and really, that's all a human being needs. 
I love this life so much because of its simplicity. 
And it's part of the reason why I am in awe over how different my life was only a few short years ago, back when I was on the East Coast. Life was busier, people were a lot more irritable, and morality was kind of whimsical. People would have clearly defined notions on how they should live their life, and they demanded those notions to be respected, but then, funny enough, they would try to force their views on others, believing the way they lived was the perfect and right way. It irked them that people didn't live the way they do. 
Everything is just so different now.
Did you know that I used to belong to a super strict christian denomination? I still spend time with some people of the same faith, but it's so different now. They care about me, but they don't take it upon themselves to save my soul. They're too busy worrying about themselves and their walk with God. If I'm not in church, they don't think that I'm losing my way. They trust that I know what I'm doing, and if I am "backsliding" or "losing my mind" and the countless other things Christians tend to say..they leave it in God's hands.  I found it funny that in my old life, people would get so concerned when people around them missed church but then they would get ecstatic themselves whenever church was cancelled. So strange.
Life is so different. 
The most concerning things I have to worry about on a daily basis is whether I should write during the day or night, and checking the weather to see if I can go outside in the backyard. Especially if I can grill. I LOVE grilling. 
Sure, I can get depressed over the state of the world, but I can calmly do my part to help and then live my life. The world will never be perfect. There were tons of end of the world predictions for September and here we are in October. People are worried about Trump becoming president but I have faith in humanity (though they surprise me more and more). Do I need more money? Again, it would be nice, but it's not serious. I'm not stressed. I'm not trying to please others just so that they have peace of mind. I'm making more decisions that I know will better my life and conscience and not doing things because people think I'm supposed to be doing it. 
I guess I'm just keeping calm and chilling. 
And you should do it too.
See what I just did right there?

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